Composer, Artist, Interaction Designer




ERVAX for 2 (2011)

“ERVAX for 2″ is an interactive art piece, part videogame and part compositional tool: this means that while you’re playing the game, you’re at the same time generating a piece of randomized serial music – a quirky combination between retro arcadegame-aesthetics and 50’s musical avantgarde – Nancarrow meets Space invaders!

ERVAX was created in collaboration with game designer Simon Bækdahl Nielsen during 2011, and has been showcased and exhibited a number of places, as a conceptual installation resembling a classic retro arcade game. Venues includes classical concerts, Art galleries, Roskilde Festival to Game venues. In 2013 it was nominated in the category “Most amazing indigame” at Amaze Indie Connect festival in Berlin.

For more info – look at where you can also download ERVAX for free.




Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus (2014)

In 2014 I created the sound design for visual artist Jacob Tækker‘s exhibition “Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus”, held at Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art during spring 2014. The Sound design was based on superimposed timestretched household sounds, generated from a granular synthesis-setup (programmed in open source software Pure data) with in-build slight irregularities resulting in discrete rhythmical patterns. A vinyl record production documenting the exhibition and sound design will soon be released during 2017. Listen to a short fragment from the sound design here: