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Interactive/Audiovisual Projects

Interactive/Audiovisual Projects


Sounding Images #1-6 (2016)


“Sounding Images” is a new project, intended to become an ongoing series of interactive audiovisual installations, combining directly related algorithmic graphics with sound/music.

“Sounding Images #1-6″ is the first installment in the series, developed for a concert and presentation at the contemporary music festival KLANG in Copenhagen, 13th of june 2016. The Piece was presented as an Ipad app, performed by Taiwanese percussion player Ying-Hsueh Chen, followed by an interview/discussion between me and Danish writer and cultural critic Torben Sangild.

“Sounding Images #1-6″ is available for download on appstore


Virtuoso (2014)

“Virtuoso” is a music app for iPhone, designed and programmed by myself. Unfortunately, it is awaiting update, and thus not available on appstore at the moment. It will soon be made available again.

The Interface is based on a combination of multitouch- and accelerometer-input, which suggests a gestural, bodily control of the app: by moving the Iphone around in all directions, whilst holding down one or multiple fingers to the screen, the user can control and manipulate five different synthesizers. The 5 synthesizers generates abstract electronic sounds by 5 different synthesis techniques: additive-, physical modeling-, FM-, subtractive-, and granular-synthesis.

While playing with the app, thereby activating up to 5 different sounds one by one, the user at the same time generates a 15-second musical composition and a simple piece of graphic design on the screen from a built-in algorithmic composition setup. When the user releases the fingers from the screen, this composition will play with the selected sounds and graphics.

Thus – “Virtuoso” can be called an instrument, an interactive composition and a graphic artpiece in one: a new kind of digital Gesamtkunstwerk, which the user can operate on his/her own Iphone – like the classical music virtuoso playing in a “symbiotic”, sensuous interaction with his/her instrument.

For further information, read this interview I did for Rudiger Meyer of Danish Composers Society.

“Virtuoso” was launched on the 30th of october 2014, at a release event in Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen). At this event, the percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen did a musical performance showcasing “Virtuoso”, followed by an artist talk between me and Danish electronic music-grand old man, composer Fuzzy. Later Ying-Hsueh Chen has performed with Virtuoso at several occasions in Denmark and abroad – including DIAS Kunsthal in August 2015.

“Virtuoso” is curated by the artists group Haandholdt