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New IOS-app “Sounding Images #7-12” release and performance at Gong Tomorrow festival November 10th 2018

“Sounding Images #7-12” is a new audiovisual IOS app, which I have been working on since early 2017 as a follow up to its predecessor “Sounding Images #1-6” from 2016. Whereas “Sounding Images #1-6” was based on concrete sound recordings, “Sounding Images #7-12” is based entirely on sound synthesis, with no prerecorded sounds whatsoever.

To mark the release, my longtime collaborator Ying-Hsueh Chen and I will present the app, at a concert at the experimental music festival “Gong Tomorrow” November 10th 2018 at the Copenhagen venue ALICE. As a new experiment at this concert, the app will be part of a spectacular musical duo-performance, where I will perform with the app in a musical dialogue with Ying-Hsueh Chen, performing on her acoustic percussion instruments.


"The Mærsk Opera" vinyl-LP soon to be released!

Finally, after several years in the making, and numerous mixing-sessions with producer Rasmus Winther Jensen, “The Mærsk Opera” is scheduled for release in december 2018. It will be released as a deluxe double-vinyl package, from the Danish record label Dacapo with brillant cover artwork by SUPERFLEX



"Advanced Avantgarde" vinyl LP released!

"Advanced Avantgarde" is a collaboration project with composer and producer Peter Helms. Our first 12' vinyl record, with a suite of "advanced avantgarde" music for MIDI-instruments, was released in march 2018 - with sublime cover artwork done by my brother Jens Monrad. Buy the physical release on discogs - and have a listen here. Also, have a look at Monrad&Helms' youtube-channel.


"The Mærsk Opera" premiere at BFI London Film Festival 2017

The Filmsetting of my opera "Mærsk The Opera", produced in collaboration with artists group SUPERFLEX, will have 2 screenings as part of BFI London Film Festival - on oct. 4th and 5th. 2017. 


Interview from 2005 with Danish Electronic Music Pioneer Else Marie Pade released

My interview with Else Marie Pade from 2005 has finally been released in the collection "Else Marie Pade - Samlede tekster" from publisher Passive/Aggressive. Read more about the interview in the texts-section on my homepage.


"Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus"-vinyl LP soon to be released!

In 2014 I created the sound design for visual artist Jacob Tækker‘s exhibition “Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus”, held at Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art during spring 2014. The Sound design was based on superimposed timestretched household sounds, generated from a granular synthesis-setup (programmed in open source software Pure data) with in-build slight irregularities resulting in discrete rhythmical patterns. Now we are in the final stages of releasing a long planned vinyl record documenting the exhibition. For this record I have created 6 new electronic music pieces based on the original sounds and synthesizers from 2014. And Jacob Tækker has developed a peculiar new artistic design for the sleeve and vinyl - where everything will be transparent... More info coming soon..