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Concerts & Performances

Concerts & Performances


The Quadcopter Concert

Performance from TEDxCopenhagenSalon in september 2014 with Tim Garbos and Patrick Jarnfelt from Copenhagen Game Collective. Patrick later wrote this blogpost about the project. The Quadcopter concert is an algorithmic music setup with a direct mapping from the movements of the quadcopters to the output sound. I'm standing in the middle, handling the musical setup, with Tim and Patrick on either side controlling the quadcopters. The piece was first performed at Click Festival in may 2014 - reference.



Performance by Ying-Hsueh Chen with my audio/visual app-piece "Virtuoso" - at DIAS Kunsthal, august 2015. I have an ongoing collaboration with Ying-Hsueh - a classical percussion player, who has done live performances with several of my app-pieces.


Green, Rusty Metal on a Sunken Ship

Video recording from the premiere of my piece “Green Rusty Metal on a sunken ship”, november 2006 at Københavns Musikteater (then called PLEX). I played the piano part, Anders Børup and Simon Bækdahl Nielsen created the live visuals:



Spectacular rooftop-performance with poet Jesper Elving from LAK festival 2012. I'm controlling a generative music setup from my laptop.



Video-snippet from a concert I did with Jonas Olesen at the Norberg Festival in Sweden, July 2006. Our concert-act was called IAPMI, and consisted of a Lego-landscape with in-build “instruments”, connected to the loudspeakers through contact microphones. Thus all the sounds are actual sounds by Lego bricks: