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Electronic Music

Electronic Music


....Green Rusty Metal On A Sunken Ship - (Score)

A piece composed in 2006 for acoustic piano and a prerecorded electronic part. The Electronic part is created entirely from concrete sounds from the piano part, to achieve a tight integration between the acoustic and electronic sounds. The idea was to create a symbiosis between classical music and music of the digital age. At the time I was very much into electronic glitch music by the likes of OVAL and others - whose aesthetic serves as a model for the electronic part. Thus, the overall effect of the piece, is that of a classical concert piece in digital decay - hence the poetic, somewhat melancholic title, resembling the titles of Debussy's piano Preludes. I play the piano part myself on this recording:


Heksepige - (Score)

A quirky piece from 2005, composed for the “yelling choir” WHOP and an electronic part derived entirely from recordings of human voice recitations of poems from the obscure collection “Heksepige” by Danish author Mette Ulfsen. The whole piece is in three movements and was performed a variety of places during 2005, including Norberg Festival in Sweden: